tpetchchboysplayparkThe old proverb “The Lord helps those, who help themselves” proved true for the Milton Lynch Boys’ School.

And this morning the evidence of self-help was exemplified when Principal Anthony Graham, students and friends of the school met to open the new play park on the school grounds in Water Street, Christ Church.

The project was started last year with the help of the Diabetes Association of Barbados, but had to be placed in hold soon after. Teacher in charge, Nicole Hollingsworth-Greenidge, then approached the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust for assistance to continue the project later in year, but that organisation reported it was over budget and initially could offer no support.

“We get a lot of requests for help as you can imagine but in this case the trustees saw what they had started doing – all these murals … they did themselves [with] their families … and that was enough motivation for us to go beyond our budget. They were helping themselves and we like to see stuff like that,” Ayoka Mottley-Lawrence, representative for the trust, told Barbados TODAY.

So inspired to help, they donated $10,000 towards the play park. Now the recreational area boasts of colourfully painted swings, slides, monkey bars, see-saws, an orchard and a trellis which beautified the space even more. The fencing surrounding the park was constructed free of cost by a parent, Renric Trotman.

Also lending much voluntary assistance to the undertaking, which is part of the Schools’ Positive Behaviour Management Programme, were First Barbados Sea Scout, Mark Greene, and the parent teacher association. Before its transformation, Graham said the space was a “dust bowl” and he thanked all those who contributed to its reconstruction.

“Now this is some place that we can be proud of and the boys can go for a little recreation. If you had seen it prior… it just takes one tiny spark to get a fire going… Hopefully by next year I will see more transformation before I go,” he added. (KC)

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