Hope for Windows 8

The one platform not given enough love is the new Windows 8 platform. Whether it be Phone, Tablet or PC it just seems the new Microsoft line of products are swept aside without the respect they deserve.

For example Windows Phone is a very solid and extremely mobile operating system yet Google refuse to work with Microsoft in the development of a YouTube app, sighting there just isn’t a large enough population of users to warrant the investment.

Like its other Windows 8 counterparts Microsoft’s Surface isn’t doing as well as many would have thought. It has superior specs on paper but hasn’t been flying off the shelves as fast as I personally though they would.

To be honest, a major problem with the Surface Pro is battery life, which is a mere four to five hours — that’s one movie and the average pop music album before you need to recharge. And with most tabs offering eight to 10 hours of Angry Birds time, Surface Pro really doesn’t even come close.

However there’s a new hope yet. Acer has announced a new Iconia, the Iconia W3. And yes, I know the original Iconia wasn’t exactly top 10 material, but I believe this was only the case due the brand of it. In the past Acer was seen as cheap and not the best quality built computer company.

So even today after they have improved greatly, many still remember the disposable plastic cup models of yesteryear. I am even willing to bet the house that had another company (say Samsung, for example) release the exact same tablet it would have sold like hot cakes.

Despite all that the W3 shows promise, at eight inches it is an odd size but the extra inch allows for the 1,280 x 800 display which supports 720P video playback. And it gets better, Acer has added a full version of Office free with the tablet, which should go well with the optional full-size keyboard accessory (‚69, around US $90). They are also front- and rear-facing two-megapixel cameras, plus connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0 and micro-USB.

The Iconia W3 also houses Intel’s dual-core 1.8GHz Atom Z2760 processor, and will allow for around eight hours battery time, despite its desktop grade architecture. The W3 will come in 32 and 64GB models and can be expanded another 32GB via micorSD, you also get a built in micro-HDMI port but no word on colour choices as yet.

The Iconia W3 will be priced at ‚329 for 32GB and ‚379 for 64GB but before you rush to pre order it, Acer US has confirm a W3 in the US market for US $379, but haven’t confirm which size it will be.

With a retail launch date coming late June, I will keep my eyes out for this little fellow and how he does on the big stage. I hope it’s given a chance but with factors like its name and OS working against it you never know if we will have another under-used under-appreciated superstar.

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