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Tent Manager Eleanor Rice-Watkins listening to Cave Shepherd’s Store Manager Andrew Wilkinson.
Tent Manager Eleanor Rice-Watkins listening to Cave Shepherd’s Store Manager Andrew Wilkinson.

eleanorriceandcompanyatcaveshepherdWhile some calypso tents have been crying out for sponsorship, one business has demonstrated its commitment to Crop-Over.

Cave Shepherd, the Broad Street department store, is sponsoring All Stars Calypso Tent for the 12th consecutive year. Describing the company as a proud sponsor, Store Manager, Andrew Wilkinson, said that during these hard economic times with the commitment and dedication the tent members have for calypso, the art form, and the individuals who have been there for the store, they had no choice but to say yes to their sponsorship.

The Broad Street department store was a sponsor since 1995 when the tent’s name was Conquerors Calypso Tent.

At the tent’s launch on Friday evening at the Bridgetown store, Manager Eleanor Rice-Watkins said that those entities that missed the opportunity to invest in the growth and development of the festival were missing a significant opportunity of being associated with the excellence which the All Stars Calypso Tent stands for.

“They are ignoring a business and marketing tenet that consumers choose…, the products which are associated with their culture, so when you advertise within the calypso tent you have your set audience right there, listening to everything that we say and everything that we do,” she said.

Three new comers, Juliet Windchaser Marshall, Daren Scribz Quintyne and last year’s junior monarch Aisha Mandisa Butcher are joining the cast of Adrian Clarke, Colin Spencer, Ian Webster, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, Smokey Burke and Jude Hee Haw Clarke.

Clarke said that there would not be any “smut” coming from him or any of the other calypsonians in the tent.

“My mother is a woman and I grow up with four sisters — the public does not need to be bombarded by the [demeaning] nonsense because we are a family tent and if you understand the meaning of family [you] would not be going down that line,” he said.

He reminded the females that they would not be presented by any of those disgraceful lyrics.

Rice-Watkins also added that the music coming from the artists would be clean, witty and not degrading to women. (MR)

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