The art of focus

At times we say to ourselves, “I must concentrate to finish this job”. We know there are many times and situations within our daily life when it is necessary to concentrate to complete the job in hand.

But how many of us really know how to concentrate, how to shutout all the distractions around us, how to be consciously aware of the task in front of us.

We all instinctively know that if we are able to focus completely upon a subject it would be achieved quickly and with a minimum of distraction. In fact in those rare moments when we do completely focus time itself seems to contract, there is also an inner sense of joy and accomplishment whenever the task is completed.

I call focus an art and being so it can be learnt and practised, although the lessons and methods are fairly easy they do require a sense of discipline, but if mastered the benefits will be apparent throughout your life. Focus also has an aspect about which most people are unaware, that is, when in deep focus we are also connected more closely with our subconscious. This in itself can bring much understanding into our life.

Many schools of thought are designed in order to stop our conscious mind being aware of the many distractions around us when we can fully focus upon a subject or a moment in time this connection opens and becomes available to us.

One principle that should be mentioned is willpower. Your success in focussing is totally dependent on willpower – without one you cannot have the other. Think of a first prize athlete and how his willpower has sustained him in his goal of reaching the final and eventually winning. But it is at that moment just before the whistle blows where he needs his full focus. If he allows distractions then all will be lost; the other competitors and all the spectators must be blocked from his mind. There are many other situations with which I’m sure you can imagine where both willpower and focus are needed in equal parts.

We all have abilities and talents that we rarely use to the fullest potential. We often think “if I could just concentrate that little bit more I might make a success of this particular project”, and although this article can barely do the subject of focus justice, the following exercises may be a starting point from which you begin a journey of self-discovery.

We could apply focus to each task that we performed during the day. This in itself would be beneficial. We would begin to experience an inner calm in the increasing chaotic world around us. Yet where the power of focus can really help is when we apply it to a particular project or aspect in our life, a goal or desire that we wish to manifest.

Thoughts have power, for we know that when people experience fear, anxiety or worry, the body can react, hair can turn gray, hearts can stop. In equal measure thoughts of happiness and joy can light up our life. The power of focus can best be used on goals and desires that enhance our lives.

* Dr. Adrian Daisley is a Certified Life Coach, Stress Manager and Fitness Chef

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