Showing off their skills

tpetstbonofaceopenday2013For the last three days, St. Boniface Nursery has been a display school of sorts.

The school threw open its gates on Wednesday and bid the public welcome, as Child Month continued with open days of several nurseries around the island.

Acting Senior Teacher, Clytie Vaughan, said they used the open day to celebrate the students and display the work which they had done to parents, teachers from other schools and other individuals from the school’s neighbouring and extended communities.

“The displays – drawings, paintings and craft items – are centred on sub-topics which were done each term. The topics were All About Me in term one; The Wonders of the Sky, The Mysteries of the Sea in term two, and The Garden of Eden in term three.

tpetstbonofaceopendaysitting2013“Throughout the school year the students were exposed to a variety of activities related to the topics. This afforded the opportunity to learn and develop a number of concepts related to the topics. The students were exposed to the multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning. Here at the St. Boniface Nursery School the teachers utilise developmentally appropriate practices with the students,” said Vaughan.

Today, on the last of the open days, children were in high spirits, celebrating the birthdays of two students this week. So there was musical chairs, there was birthday cake and treats and playtime had an even extra special feel to it.

Students showed off what they had been doing to mostly principals and teachers of other nursery schools that came through, including All Saints and Erdiston, and once they were given the go-ahead for outdoor play, it was excited pandemonium.

Children rushed to bicycles, carts, cars to ride around the compound, as another class, the Safari Kids, got to have fun with water time. Two small wading pools filled with water kept them entertained with boats, shovels, cans, buckets and other small toys.

It might have been a day for strangers to come in, but that did not stop the young ones having the time of their lives. (LB)

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