Risky business

After reading last week’s letter, I was hopping mad but I calmed down to the point where I dismissed the situation.

Then I went on Facebook and saw that a few of my friends had shared the letter and even commented and I was upset all over again.

You see, I have, or had, a friend who used to make her living from doing the same thing. At first, I thought it was okay because having just started working, we were able to go out almost every night and have things that would have taken us a long time to save.

At first, it was fun, honestly it was. We went to lunch at places like the Hilton, The Cliff, spent weekends in luxurious rooms and in other countries. These men were rich and some of them were also really kinky and very mean.

But my friend got greedy and one day she took up some money and jewellery from one of our “friends” and he beat her really bad. I mean her arm was broken, she lost a couple teeth, he pulled out her weave and then he threw us out of his house.

She was half naked and he didn’t care. She begged me not to take her to the hospital so I called another friend who was a doctor and he treated her.

She, like the woman in the letter recorded our encounters and blackmailed him and because of who he in society he opted to pay instead of having his wife find out.

He paid but he made sure she lost her job and couldn’t get work in the same area. She had to settle for a low paying job until she was able to save enough money to leave Barbados.

I was able to continue working but I was never really comfortable with what I did and every time I see or hear about some woman trying to rob a man I pray that everything turns out okay.


Since Yuh Asked, MC, I am glad that you are writing about your experiences in the past tense. It shows that you have become wiser to the danger of such practices. While these things may start out as fun, and the rewards may seem like a dream come true, the dangers to life and limb, plus the destruction of your moral standards do not make for the kind of existence one should encourage.

Don’t get me wrong, because as far as I am concerned, the men who engage in using women in this way are just as reprehensible. There is just something nasty about building your social life around buying sex from women; and I am sure if you talk to these people they would hold themselves out as better than those who pick up women in Bush Hill at the Garrison.

And the example of your friend’s violent experience confirms my position that such practices destroy a person’s moral base. Think about it. She was beaten half to death but still managed to record the episode. Then after recovery she chose to blackmail the culprit and I assume collect a tidy sum from him.

But still it did not end, he made her life a living hell to the point where she had to flee the island.

That is just not the way to live, but sadly, I bet that there are some people who will read this and tonight go out and work some similar scheme. But that does not make it right, safe or moral. The best course is still to work for what you want — legitimate work. What life is it to trick a man out of a few hundred or thousand dollars and then have to look over your shoulder every time you leave your home?

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