atrailloadofcopsJust after 1 p.m. today pedestrians and motorists travelling on the new roundabout in Jackson, St. Michael, looked on with concern as more than 30 police vehicles and more than 60 lawmen descended on the area and carried out a search of a wooded section off the road.

Lawmen remained tight-lipped and kept onlookers at a distance from the area where they were carrying out the search.

However, at the conclusion of the search, Acting Assistant Commissioner in charge of Crime Management, Mark Thompson, said: “We are continuing investigations into an old matter of critical importance. We have reached a very delicate stage in the investigations, therefore it would be imprudent of me to go into details at this stage.

“However, when we complete this stage of the investigations and following any debriefing, I would be willing to revert to the Press and detail the type of investigations and where we have reached, assuming that it would not imperil the integrity of the investigations.” (NC)

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