On to round two

netball action heats up as prelims yield top-tier of zones

Round two of the Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Sports Council’s Primary Schools Netball Competition gets underway next Tuesday after the final preliminary round matches are played the day before.

After action in today’s games Cuthbert Moore emerged winners of Zone 5 with Ellerton Primary the runners-up. Lawrence T. Gay won Zone 6 with St. Mary’s taking the runners-up position. In Zone 7 Grantley Prescod were the winners with Bay Primary the runners-up. West Terrace took top position in Zone 9 and the runners-up will be determined next week. In Zone 10, Blackman & Gollop emerged victorious with Luther Thorne the runners-up. The other zone winners and runners-up were decided earlier in the week.

In action on the court today at Bagatelle, St. Thomas West Terrace were in scintillating form. First they crushed Welches Primary 10-0 and then kept St. Silas scoreless in an 8-0 victory. In the first game Lelani Haddock netted six goals from nine attempts, while Jewel Maynard had four goals from nine attempts. In the win over St. Silas both Maynard and Haddock had four goals from four and six attempts respectively.

In another game at Bagatelle, St. Stephen’s Primary added more pain to St. Silas defeating them 4-0 with Marissa Ramsay scoring a perfect three from three attempts and Jaliea Lovell, the fourth goal from two attempts.

At Briar Hall, Christ Church, Gordon Walters won against Vauxhall Primary 4-0 but were held to a 2-2 draw by Wilkie Cumberbatch. Tianna Cave scored all four goals from seven attempts in the match against Vauxhall.

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