Decision in two weeks

The apparent “privatisation” of Crop-Over’s main concert, Cohobblopot, does not mean the National Cultural Foundation will not have a hand in it.

cranstonbrowneofthencfCEO of the National Cultural Foundation, Cranston Browne told reporters at a briefing yesterday that in about two weeks they should be in a position to release the name of the private entity with the winning bid to host this year’s Cohobblopot. But even as he outlined that the bids were in and being examined, Browne said the body would still have a partner’s hand in the event in years to come.

Evaluation stage

“Yes we are at the evaluation stage, which means we are now evaluating the bids that came in and in a matter of maybe two weeks or so we will be able to make an announcement. The Minister [of Culture] will make that announcement,” Browne explained. Earlier this month he had reportedly said that the NCF had taken the decision this year to try once again to incorporate private promoters in the hosting of this major concert within the festival. He had also reportedly said at the time that the outcome of this hosting would determine if additional Crop-Over events would also be opened up to involvement by private promoters, noting that there was enough talent out there to warrant such a move. He said yesterday though that beyond this development within the NCF’s hosting of Crop-Over 2013, there was no word the talked about restructuring within the organisation itself. “I would not say it is actively being pursued at this time. There is always talk about restructuring and so therefore, in the coming months we might get some directives to restructure but it is nothing that is actively being pursued at this time.” He also pleaded for corporate Barbados to get on board with sponsorship next year for the island’s 40th anniversary of Crop-Over celebrations.

40th anniversary

“At the end of this season we will start the wheels turning again to make room for our 40th anniversary celebrations. We hope to widen the pool of sponsors in our 40th year so that we can deliver and even bigger and sweeter festival. “Today I want to put out a plea to our corporate companies throughout the entire country to join us next year. We want to have a bigger and better festival and I am issuing an early invitation to our corporate sector to come on board for the 40th anniversary of Crop-Over,” he said, adding that the anniversary would be a time for reflection on the history and development of the festival. (LB)

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