All quiet in housing

by Emmanuel Joseph

Some of the homes at Parish Land, St.Philip
Some of the homes at Parish Land, St.Philip

The ongoing financial challenges facing the Barbados economy seem to have dealt a severe blow to the Government’s overall housing thrust.

Investigations by Barbados TODAY showed that no one was living in almost all of 10 projects which were either started or announced during the past three years. It was evident from visits to the sites yesterday and today, that the Parish Land, St. Philip and Lancaster, St. James phases one and two housing projects, which were launched in 2010, and where the homes were all but completed, remained unoccupied.

At Parish Land, where 120 homes are slated to be built, the roads have not yet been paved and a few workmen were seen painting one of the houses yesterday. Bush also surrounded the units. No one has moved into the Lancaster One district, which accommodates 42 houses nor Lancaster Two, where 45 families are to be housed.

But General Manager of the National Housing Corporation, Lanette Napoleon-Young, told this newspaper that allocations had already been done for those homes where families would move shortly.

Regarding Parish Land, Napoleon-Young said the corporation was in the process of allocating new residents. Four sites earmarked under the Government’s Housing Every Last Person programme during the Democratic Labour Party tenure prior to the February general elections, are all bush and canes.

All of them, which are part of the 500-home programme, and offer different numbers of lots at $5 per square foot, are located at Guinea, Pool, Cherry Grove and Henley in St. John.

were land markers with reflective tape. No such thing was visible at Pool, where 29 lots will be available, Cherry Grove — 13 lots, or Henley — 37.

At West Terrace, where construction began in January this year, only one unit, reportedly a show home, is scheduled to finished by the end of next month, one of the senior staffers on site said.

One individual on the site, who asked not to be identified, said seven other homes were currently under construction. The 72 homes of the West Terrace/Durants Housing initiative, a joint partnership between ADC Construction and the NHC, are two- and three-bedroom units.

At Woodbourne, seven starter homes are being built. An official at the site said the starter homes, which began in March, are due for completion by December. And the River View starter homes project in St. Philip, which commenced in 2012, is still to hand over keys to its prospective occupants.

Of the 17 units to be built, one appears to have been finished and three others are under construction. Efforts to reach new Minister of Housing, Denis Kellman, proved unsuccessful. emmanueljoseph@

Lancaster phase one, St. James.

Unpaved roads into new housing development at Parish Land.

The only sign of any work at Guinea, which will provide 12 lots,

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  1. freeagent June 2, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    If the the government of Barbados cannot complete the houses, then they should be sold, as they are, and the purchasers can then finish them in accordance with the Town & Country Planning Authority’s approved plans.


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