A lack of self-respect

For the last few days there has been much talk of a video shared on social networks where female students of Alexandra School engaged in physical conflict with Coleridge and Parry students.

The incident, which occurred on October 29, last year in Speightstown, St. Peter has received over 700 Facebook shares and more than 2,000 YouTube views.

The violent video of the brutal attack on one female was filled with obscenities and also the shedding of blood. An elderly lady, who was standing by the bus stop said she was nearly struck by a rock and never in her life seen such an unruly bunch of children.

Students from various schools, took to Twitter and Facebook the same night where there was an uproar, resulting in the Daryll Jordan Secondary School (formerly St. Lucy Secondary) joining the previously mentioned, the following day for a continuation of the violent activities.

It was reported that they armed themselves with rocks in socks, large wooden objects, even steel before Royal Barbados Police Force officers hustled the large group of teenagers onto buses to their respective locations. One officer also conveyed disgust and threatened if they did not go home he would be forced to take necessary action.

Some called it the “Speightstown Riots” and others “The Secondary School Boxing Championship”. However, I call it a lack of self-respect and conflict resolution skills. Are students going to school to fight? Do they even have any regard for their education, even so themselves?

— Jamal Slocombe

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