Slow sales at Coverley

by Emmanuel Joseph

So far, 200 families have taken up residence in the massive community, where the designers aim to create a one-stop-shop for householders.
So far, 200 families have taken up residence in the massive community, where the designers aim to create a one-stop-shop for householders.

The more than 1,000 houses at the Villages at Coverley in Christ Church are in great demand.

But General Manager of Housing Concepts SRL, Anna Clarke, told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that the pace at which prospective home owners were buying them, was being constrained by individual financial challenges and the economic downturn in the country as a whole.

“The interest is there, the demand is there, but people are losing their jobs, or are facing financial issues. We have our own mortgage department and have been able to help some people, but things are not as good as they used to be years ago,” pointed out Clarke, whose company manages the massive public/private sector community lifestyle housing project.

Clarke revealed that of the 1,026 built, only 200 had so far been sold and occupied.

“We get about 15 tours per day and have been selling an average 10 houses per month,” she disclosed.

The general manager said the multi-million-dollar residential housing venture, which got off the ground in July 2009, sold the first home in January 2011.

“Despite the challenging times, we are holding our own. We are selling the first six villages and working on putting the finishing touches on the others,” explained the management official.

She listed the six villages as Tamarind, comprising 70 units, Sea Grape, 46; Avacado, 64; Mango, 77; Cherry North, 76; and Ackee East, 43.

“People have embraced Mango and Ackee. They are the busiest villages. In fact, the residents there have got together and nicknamed themselves the Mangolians,” informed Clarke.

The executive also reported that activity at the sprawling residential facility had been intensifying.

“The town centre is busy at night with karaoke every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. We also have movie nights,” she announced.

Clarke said residents also come out to lime on the benches by a pond, adding that the playing field also provided an outlet for recreation.

“Next week Wednesday, we will start Zumba exercises in the town centre. A recreational centre will also be coming soon, as well as a supermarket and gym. The supermarket and gym will be priority,” declared the spokesperson for the Villages at Coverley.

She listed the other amenities of the housing community as an emergency medical centre and pharmacy, a commercial bank, restaurants, retail shops and pre-school facility.

Clarke revealed too that mail carriers do not have to ride around to each house to deliver mail.

“We have postal sites in central areas of the village, where the postman would drop in the mail in these boxes that have the numbers of all the homes.

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  1. Happyhouse May 31, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    I think maybe the problem here is the house’s are overpriced for what they are. Locals wont pay this much money for a small house, That all cramped together with no land and all look the same .Good idea initially though but they need to be realistic about the price or the other 1000!!! wont sell.

  2. Oh Canada September 5, 2013 at 8:40 am

    We are canadian tourist here who were in the market to buy not 1 but mabe 2 vacation homes at coverly but the female consultant who look like she was too busy doing her nails and too busy starring at herself in the mirror mabe too over zealous that she had a job in an office with a/c greeted us at the door to this empty office and before we could say hello it was like “hello sorry its only 2 of us here (in an empty office) and i’m going to lunch check out our website or try calling agin” like WTF No wonder there are no sales. Luckily we took it amongst ourselves to follow the male sales consultant and i will give him a plug Calvin someone in head office please give this man a promotion, but he was happy to allow us to follow him and the customer he was giving a tour to, to view the properties. Without that tour and without calvin extending his customer relations skills we would not be purchasing at coverly. May this be a lesson all in Barbados who are in customer relations, in north america usa/can the recession wiped out people from there homes, stopped people from purchasing and Barbados may soon if not already starting to feel ripples of the recession already. This is a new era we as a world are entering and people are not spending or throwing away money as they use to. So you as a consultant/ sales rep, i don’t care if your selling coconuts or houses You better make time and offer your customer service skills it doesn’t matter if they are from Rock Hall or england, you have been hired too be there for your customers, young lady chicken barn wasn’t closing until 9pm anyways this was 3pm. So the villages at coverly may be struggling but as long as the have consultants there like Calvin they will have nothing to worry about.

  3. George Leroy Downes January 2, 2017 at 8:12 am

    I am a Barbadian living in Australia, I visited Coverly on my last visit to Barbados in april 2016, the size of these houses suits me fine, however, trying to find out prices and payment plans seem more dificult than building one myself, this website dose not show a house plan, price, contact or decent location information. yours respectfully
    George Downes


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