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“I’m still smiling.” It seems to have become Bernadette Morrison catch phrase and will continue to be for the Body by Kirk and Lifestyle Body Solutions 8-Week Fitness Challenge. And she does, smile through it all, with the occasional grimace.

lovingmefitspirationbernadetteandkirkBernadette has known Kirk Bryan, one of the two instructors at the St. Lucy gym for about three or four years and has been an off-again, on-again patron, but with her son now 18 years old she has decided she has more time to dedicate to her health. You see she has health conditions that also convinced her a healthier outlook was a smart move.

“I struggle with high blood pressure and I tested for insulin resistance which is a pre-diabetic condition. So in order to combat that, the healthy lifestyle and healthy eating would be the alternative remedy for that. My son is 18 now so I have a bit more time for myself that I can dedicate to my training and healthy lifestyle,” she told Loving Me.

Bernadette, a hairdresser by profession, spent this week getting familiar with the exercises for next week’s start of the 8-Week Fitness Challenge. After today’s session, she was still smiling, despite admitting that some of the exercises really burned – in a good way.

“I encouraged so many people to join this challenge. I know it would be good for me to trim off some of my body fat. So I decided to do it… I would constantly encourage my clients and other people to come.

“I want to improve my strength and endurance because although you work out, sometimes you find that you move from one area to another and you get tired, so the challenge will probably help with my endurance,” she said.

So what she’s done so far is transform her tv room at home into an exercise room with threadmill, exercise mat, dumbbell and even a skipping rope that she uses on her own.

“I try to do something every day. It’s been going good so far,” she admitted. (LB)

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