Causing havoc

cropoverhavocWreaking havoc on the City’s streets will be the ultimate aim of 400 revellers jumping with the Foreday Mornin’ Band.

It will be the “ultimate Foreday Mornin’ Jam experience,” says the band’s three young leaders who “cause havoc” when they go out.

Kyle Hinds is 18, Julian Holder is 19 and Mario Ottley is 20 but their ages have nothing to do with their experience as far as being involved in Crop-Over.

Hinds, who told Barbados TODAY they have lots of friends, noted this was the first year they were bringing a band. He noted too that has worked with Power X 4 for Grand Kadooment and he loved being involved in the festival and experiencing the culture.

There are four sections – Fire, Earth, Wind and Water, with the first two having costumes. There will also be tee shirts, tank tops and bottoms for those revellers who prefer that option.

The band will be launched on June 8.

You can check on their Facebook page for more information. (DS)

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