Boosting regional tourism

Caribbean tourism marketers, policymakers and practitioners will be exposed to the latest expert tactics and best practices in marketing and brand reputation during Caribbean Week in New York.

Some of the most influential travel industry experts in the United States will provide detailed guidance about how to select and leverage well-known media to encourage travel and loyalty to the region, at this year’s Caribbean Tourism Marketing Conference, organised by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s allied members.

The strategies to be presented will range from the effective use of the travel website, Trip Advisor, to utilising the latest trends in online marketing and social media for reputation management. In addition, participants will get insights into airline consolidation and effective strategies for marketing medical and wellness tourism.

One of the main presenters is Mark Raggio, a senior executive at the route development consulting firm, ASM. Raggio, whose responsibilities include performing quantitative analysis for airport clients, will speak on the topic, “The Impact of Consolidation and How it Affects the Caribbean”.

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