Beneficial to the blind

As the Caribbean region celebrates May 31st as Regional day for the Blind, The National United Society of the Blind has taken note and wants to publicly congratulate the Governor of the Central Bank, his staff and indeed the Government of Barbados for its recent efforts in improved accessibility with Barbadian currency. The new family of bank notes launched on May 2 and to be officially released to the public on June 4 has been designed with features which makes money more readily identifiable for persons with visual impairment. The larger numerals, the tactile markings differentiating the various bills and even the individualized pictures on the reverse sides will increase the accessibility of the bills.

newbillswithdotsEarly in the research for the new look and feel for the currency, the staff of the Central Bank approached members of the community of persons with disabilities in order to have their input on how to go about the new design. The disabled community believes firmly in “nothing about us without us” and we are pleased to have been associated with this project. While the daily usage of the bills will determine its eventual success for accessibility, the NUSB is heartened by the efforts made to ensure that the needs of our community were considered.

Both persons who have lived with visual impairment all their lives and those that have developed challenges later in life transact business on a daily basis. Increased independence and self reliance is very important as it aids in our confidence and in reducing dependence on friends and family.

We also take this opportunity to offer heartiest congratulations to Senator Floyd Morris – the newly elected President of the Senate of Jamaica. His elevation to this office signals a Caribbean-wide attention being given to the inclusion of persons with disabilities at all levels of community life.

The National United Society of the Blind is an organization committed to the empowerment of the blind and visually impaired in Barbados. The organization has been in existence for over 30 years and meets monthly. We host several events and activities to educate the visually impaired and the general public on living with blindness. For further information, we may be contacted via email at or 417-3031.

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