Tribal way

cropovergreenlizardIf you want to find out more about the tribes that inhabited Barbados many, many years ago sign up with De Green Lizards Foreday Mornin’ Band.

This year, the brother and sisters team of Janelle, Janiece and Jahmal Springer will be focussing on the Tribes of Los Barbados.

Janelle told Barbados TODAY there were seven main sections featuring costumes and four back line sections with tee shirts and bottoms. The male revellers will have tee-shirts.

She also said they were trying to portray the many people from the different tribes that inhabited Barbados, some of whom came from Western Africa and the Caribs.

“The dance did not start out as it is today but changed forms, as different enslaved tribal groups were thrown together to perform grueling work under the tyrannical watchful eye of overseers.

“At the end of the day in the fields, the old and young, male and female would steal away into the night and gather together to dance. Hunched low to the ground with knees flexed, bare feet pounding on the naked earth with rhythmic intensity, with churning waist movements, the slaves danced for themselves and one another.

cropovergreenlizardface“Through dance our predecessors were able to reunite in spirit with a world they would never see again and to thank God that they had survived another day. This year, the Green Lizards will remember the tribes who served in Barbados by stomping own feet to the beats of our calypso music in order to cause an endless vibration that will rock the whole nation,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. (DS)

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