Second round primary netball teams named

The qualifiers and runners-up for the second round from four zones competing in the Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Sports Council’s Primary Schools Netball Competition have been decided.

In Zone 1 Boscobel finished at the top of the zone with Half Moon Fort as runners-up. Hillaby Turner’s Hall top Zone 2 with Eden Lodge in second position. In Zone 3, Chalky Mount have bragging rights, while St. Bernard’s are the runners-up. And in Zone 8, St. Martin’s Mangrove have emerged at the top with Hilda Skeene in the runners-up position.

In action on the court today at Bagatelle, St. Thomas, Sharon Primary and Eden Lodge drew 1-1; while Hillaby Turner’s Hall defeated Holy Innocents 2-1 and drew 1-1 with Eden Lodge.

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