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stlucywigmakinggraduationMaintaining that the constituency councils should be about more than handing out money, the St. Lucy body recently graduated the first set of women in wig making.

Chairman of the council, Ashley Toppin, said they were looking for ways to boost economic activity and found a number of women interested in the craft.

The 12-week course in wig making, he explained, would provide the women with a skill in an area that interested them, as well as enable them to actually make money from it.

It was part of the programmes developed by the Economic Empowerment Committee led by Trevor Cozier, said Toppin, adding: “The Wig Making course was conceived as an opportunity to provide some constituents, especially ladies who were not fully employed, with a skill that could earn them a living. We started with 20 participants, 15 stayed the course and graduated.”

He said the course was well received and they were pleased with the job the tutor did, promising that this was the first of many such opportunities to come.

“Other skills will be taught. We want to make people independent. The second wig-making course will commence shortly and this will be followed by an advanced course,” he said.

He told the graduating class that there was a lot of propaganda going around that council’s had money to give people as hand outs.

Seeking to dispel a number of myths, he stated: “There is the belief that everything anyone wants, it is Government’s duty to give them. Government is to provide everything free.

“The council is allocated less than $1 per person per month, not enough to share around on a hand-out basis. That is why we do not encourage welfarism.

“Council members are employed or are fully occupied outside of the council’s work. The council does not have a secretariat or a operating department. All of its work is done on a voluntary basis,” he said.

Similarly, the achievements of the council he said were done “not by spending money but by the efforts of the members”. (LB)

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