Liliplum Kids lend a helping hand

businessliliplumhelpinghandLike many foster care systems around the world, children’s homes in Barbados experience challenges in providing adequate resources for their wards’ education, healthcare and basic needs that are required to afford a brighter future.

With just over 100 children in the system in Barbados, most have been separated from their families due to financial problems or disabilities.

Miss Barbados World delegate Janine Hinkson has set out to raise funds for children living in children’s homes as part of her Beauty with a Purpose Mission.

Her charity, Helpful Hands for Hopeful Hearts, is working in association with the Child Care Board on the Community Reintegration Programme to raise money for the children’s education, healthcare and basic needs.

Recognising the goal that the MBW delegate and past employee of the Dwellings Group has undertaken, Marketing & Buying Director of Liliplum Kids, Gael Alluard, eagerly joined in support of the charity and its fundraising events. “Providing support to those less fortunate whether financially or through donations must continue through these economic times. Our continuous encouragement and support as a nation can undoubtedly make a positive difference in many of these children’s lives and at Liliplum Kids we’re always looking to put a smile on a child’s face.”

With a donation of over $700 in children’s toys, families will be sure to enjoy the fund raising event on June 8 at Art Splash.

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