Drop in crime in The Bahamas

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade (right).
Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade (right).

NASSAU — Crime decreased by 11 per cent between January 1 and May 27, 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, according to statistics released by Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade yesterday.

There were 4,763 crimes reported during this period last year compared to 4,238 reported this year.

Greenslade revealed the figures while a guest on the Star FM talk show “Jeffrey” with host Jeff Lloyd.

According to Greenslade, violent crimes are down in all categories except attempted rape, armed robbery, which rose by five per cent, and attempted robbery, which increased by 33 per cent.

Crimes against the person increased by one per cent and crimes against the property decreased by 13 per cent.

Murders were down by 13 per cent; attempted murders were down by 60 per cent and rapes decreased by 10 per cent.

There were 49 murders recorded this year so far compared to 56 this time last year.

There were four attempted murders to date, compared to 10 this time last year.

Police recorded 37 rapes so far this year and 41 rapes last year this same time.

The number of reported attempted rapes went from one case up to May 27, 2012 to 11 cases during the same time this year.

There were 457 armed robberies so far this year compared to 436 this time last year.

Robbery is down by four per cent with 147 reported so far this year compared to 153 in the same period last year.

There were nine attempted robberies this time last year and 12 recorded for the year so far.

Burglary is down 24 per cent; housebreaking is down 25 per cent; stealing is down three per cent; stealing from a vehicle is down 11 per cent and stolen vehicle matters are down 16 per cent.

Shopbreaking went up eight per cent. (Nassau Guardian)

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