Artistes on the rise

Mikey with Gegetta Crookendale.
Mikey with Gegetta Crookendale.

Assistant team manager of a newly formed artist management company, June Austin–Ward, says soca music is getting a bad rep and they have launched the company to remedy that situation.

In an interview with Bajan Vibes this afternoon via telephone she said the goal of the company was consequently to highlight those soca artistes who were positively working towards improving themselves and as a result the artform.

Last night at RVR bar in Goodland St. Michael some of the artistes, who she said approached her partner, local business woman Gegetta Crookendale “to help their careers” was introduced. These were: Lorenzo, Statement, Brett Linton, Sanctuary, Mr. Ink, Scorpio, Rene King and Rameses Browne.

Each performed one of their songs as well as Khiomal, who made a special guest appearance.

Crookendale spent several years in Australia hosting and organising events before she came to Barbados. Austin–Ward said her company was one of the first to sponsor reigning Party Monarch, Sweet Soca and Road March king Mikey.

”Throughout the years she has given him advice pertaining to his career. Last year was a pivotal year for him and people have been aware that she is one of the ‘go–to’ people. So I guess that is why their approached her,” she explained. ”From a business point, first impressions mean everything; they have become products that need to be sold. We are working on imaging and different strategies in an effort to revamp any artist that may need revamping or enhancing those who need enhancing. Ultimately we want to be able to have more people come back to the genre so not only will we promote their image but the image of the genre.

”The big picture is to make it more positive and the best way to do that is to work with these artistes. One of the things we want is for Barbados to take its place as a premier music entity. We have Crop– Over and soca … we want to build a reputation in the music industry,” Austin-Ward added.

Declining to go into detail, she told Bajan Vibes they had many projects planned to highlight and improve their entertainers. A number of them were: working on imaging, music as a business and they also have a weekly radio slot to promote the artistes. (KC)

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