A special treat

tpetgorgongreenidgehandsThere’s something special and fun when you get to eat lunch with your parents or guardians at school.

For the students of Gordon Greenidge Primary, they had an added treat on Friday when gospel artist Hoszia Hinds, a relatively new parent, performed during the annual Lunch Date.

The event, which forms part of the school’s annual Parent Teachers Association week of activities, sees the school’s grounds transformed into a picnic like setting.

Other activities for the PTA week, which started with a church service, included a pizza and ice cream day. There was also a scenic ride and morning assembly lead by the parents.

PTA president Dianne Roberts-Soudatt said this was their fifth anniversary celebrations and they were trying to do things “a bit different”.

She also noted that certain activities had to be curtailed because of a lack of parental support. On the other hand, she said that a small percentage of parents supported the PTA, particularly the social activities parental numbers would increase.

However, some of their objectives were reached.

The committee was able to heighten the importance of the organisation and strengthening the links between the community and the school.

“We want to continue to encourage parents to support the PTA. Continue to get involved because with each person contributing we can do a lot,” she said.

Principal Angela Smith said: “We are very excited about the work that the PTA executive is doing and I see the parents as a very important component of school life. It is a partnership between the home and the school and once we have the parents on board we would be able to do a lot more.”

Smith added that the focus of her PTA was not on fund-raising but more so on assisting with the children’s school work. She said that the bond between the parents and the school was growing stronger and the outcome of the day’s activities demonstrated this. (MR)

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