A club of bully-boys

I wish to respond to some of your articles from yesterday’s edition:

On the item headlined Fresh OECD attack, I wish to state that the OECD are a bunch of psuedo-legal thugs; a club of bully-boys.

Just remember where billions of dictators’ pilfered cash ends up — London, Switzerland, New York etc. Barbados is not hypocritical, and the really nasty folks looking for a crooked bank here have always been shown the door.

In relation to the headline BWU out!, my comment is this: I hope the entire delegation has a wonderful time for 15 days in Geneva — wonderful place, magnificent alpine views, legendary architecture, fountains, operas, really fine dining, and fantastic hotels.

By the way, 15 days in a Geneva five-star hotel for the whole she-bang, plus per diems all round, is going to set back Bajan taxpayers a pretty penny. Hmm, I guess it’s worth it, and we may even catch a glimpse on TV-8 of someone’s new “Geneva” hair-do!

Don’t forget to take along a video-person from the Pine. That rumour about difficult times here in Bim is greatly exaggerated.

Finally, on the story Spirits up!, I say congrats and thanks be to you, Sir David Seale, and to your entire team!

I’ll certainly fire one on that, and may I express the hope that the “spirit” which drives you forward to work for the benefit of all souls on this rock, spread itself around to all Bajans so they too might “catch the spirit”!

Alas and alack, as it happens, just last Friday on George Street, there was a guy bellyaching to the nation that “de wrong people” got de resources, and “dat is de source of our problems”. I tinks dat a big part of our calamitous situation is those square pegs in roun’ ‘oles, which we expect to keep the square wheels securely on our “national bus” — instead of changing the pegs, de wheels, de mechanic and de driver!

— Tony Walcott

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