A broom can’t change its bristles

Am I reading correctly, Mr Editor? Surely this has to be some kind of sick joke — that is really not funny at all!

I read in your Monday May 27, 2013 edition that the principal of Parkinson Memorial announced to a parents meeting the following regarding a programme he was putting in place at the school:

“This is going to be a battle with me and the staff, but all that will happen, they will cuss me … but I ain’t gine change.”

This is truly incredible — or is it, really? Has this gentleman not learned anything from the past? Indeed, Can he learn from his mis-steps? Can he be that arrogant? Is he so wedded to his practices of management that have proven to be catastrophic? Is he capable of any other modus operandi? I suspect that we all know the answers to these questions.

I guess a broom cannot change its bristles.

I hope the Ministry of Education will keep a far better watch on this principal’s tenure at the Parkinson Memorial School than the utterly inept job it did regarding his stint at the Alexandra School.

We can ill-afford to waste another $600,000 revealing what every intelligent, perceptive, honest person in Barbados already knows! (This knowledge apparently eludes Cabinet, certain officials of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Public Service and those who sit on the Public Service Commission). Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

— Godfrey Bynoe

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