The wonders of science

tpetstjamesscienceplantsThe wonders of science were displayed at St. James Primary School on Friday during their first science fair.

There were displays on weather, light and natural resources which the students, who were given five weeks to prepare were excited to speak about to the judges, parents and peers.

Organiser of the event and teacher of the school Jason Thompson told Barbados TODAY that the fair involved students from Classes 1 to 4 who represented particular themes. Class 1 students focussed on weather, the Class 2 students did their projects on light, the Class 3’s natural resources and the Class 4 students states of matter.

Thompson said the students could have chosen any topic based on the particular theme.

“They focussed on the scientific method where they did research first and then they went on to make it a hypothesis, carrying out an experiment to test that hypothesis to see if the experiment carried out was true or not. So the judges came in the morning period to determine a first, second and third place winner so as to determine an overall winner who would be then presented with awards,” he said

The teacher said before the Science Fair was held, he feared he would not get as many exhibits because it was the first one. However, that changed when the children started to bring them. He said he was “most elated” to see the projects that were done.

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