Tent trouble

by Kimberley Cummins

Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis

Rumours are running rife that Bacchanal Time, one of the biggest calypso tents on the island, will not be pitching this year.

But one of the directors of that tent, Eric Lewis, in a very candid interview with Barbados TODAY this afternoon refuted those claims and further assured fans that Bacchanal Time will indeed have a presence this Crop- Over.

Furthermore, he added, they would have opportunities, such as the Bacchanal Family Fun Day, BMEX, Bacchanal Brings The Best Of Crop-Over, in addition to at least two other nights to enjoy what the they have on show.

Having said that, Lewis explained that because of the tough economic environment, they had no choice but to redefine and transform the package they offered patrons. So this year the directors have chosen to do away with

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