St. Matthew’s walk the talk

tpetstmatthewswalkTo get children moving one usually has to get up and be the example.

So that is what teachers and auxiliary staff at the St. Matthew’s Primary School did this morning. About 30 of them, put aside their customary work attire and donned active wear to participate in the third annual healthy lifestyle speed walk race.

The race was originally scheduled for the Friendship playing field but because of rain it was relocated to the school grounds in Hothersal Turning in St. Michael.

That shift seemingly did nothing to dampen the spirits of the participates as when the Barbados TODAY team arrived at the school the race was already moving at a heated pace. Tightly clutching bottles of water and energy drinks the more than 300 students walked with much enthusiasm for 10 laps around the school.

The race was tight to the end but student, Keiron Roberts, eventually won. Though it was commendable that the staff were role models for the children, not all were able to make it to the end.

Those who did, however, including the first teacher to cross the finish line, Tamara Whittaker-Massiah who was joined by 74-year-old granny Enita Sandiford. They were overjoyed when they crossed the finish line.

Coordinator, Tanya Dottin, explained that today’s activity was the conclusion of their healthy week, themed Eat, Drink and be Healthy.

“At St. Matthew’s we try to always encourage our children to incorporate healthy activities into their lifestyles; eating healthy and doing different types of exercises — not just at games,” she said.

“Every week on Wednesday we sell porridge, we try not to sell drinks with a lot of dye and we don’t sell snacks that have in a lot of dye. It is a whole year of activities but we pay special attention during this healthy lifestyle week.”

For the entire school year they have been concentrating on all things Bajan, but activities escalated last week when Nutritionist, Zonia Phillips visited the school

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