Cloud of spiritual wickedness

Olympus has Fallen is a recent new film. Is Barbados on the brink of following? I am pleased to see Barbadian writing over the last four to six weeks on the issues affecting our country. The deterioration of our society; homosexuality, masonry, church matters and our Government. It’s about time.

Just last week a friend told me persons called in to Brass Tacks to say something is hanging over the country. It’s a cloud of spiritual wickedness in the heavens. All the productive sectors seem to be under attack, confusion and stress involving Government, union and private sector systems. We are on a collision course and my hope is we do not have much societal break down that usually follows spiritual and financial decay.

Many intelligent Barbadians (associations, business owners, UWI and newspaper columnist) have clearly stated information to the Government to consider but have they digested it?

When a household or business is faced with its expenses higher than its income, one has to make adjustments in spending. At the end of the day the finance minister has to live with the facts that Barbados balance sheet is in a “very weak” position and he has to take responsibility for this fact alone.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs presented the Financial Statement & Budgetary Proposals on June 26, 2012 and on page 70 said: “In 2002, Barbados saved 15,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions and over US $100 million in energy savings from 35,000 solar water heater systems that had been installed at that time”.

Then he listed nine incentives on pages 72-75 including zero rating VAT on renewable energy systems and energy efficient products that either generate or distribute electricity. This is a new sector and the solar water heater industry spoken so highly of was excluded. This seems very bias. To date none of these incentives has been enacted.

There is nothing wrong with promoting new technology, however this sector will erode our foreign exchange and the average pay back for a business is 5.5 years (without batteries). Government should have focused on energy education and the conversion to more energy efficient products, solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems.

In the end may be political commonsense equals mathematical madness.

— Henry Jordan

Barbadian manufacturer

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