Cavalcade falls flat

by Dale Forde

cropover2013cavalcadeglebestgeorgeThere really wasn’t much to be excited about at last Friday’s LIME/HOTT FM Cavalcade in the Glebe, St. George.

Though attended by a large crowd, the event seemed disjointed, lackluster and even felt as though it was dragging at some points.

The highlights included performances from the Shashamane Cultural Ensemble out of Trinidad whose members, dressed in red, white and black danced to the drum; the surprise performance from De Cameraman was notable, a home town boy he is one to watch.

Also hailing from St. George, Nikita has strong pipes and with some more stage performances she could make her mark on the local soca scene; it is always refreshing to hear Bobo perform and his Fun Friend is catchy and could become a staple on the road come Foreday Mornin’ and Kadooment Day.

It was also good to see Stabby back on stage after a long break, but it was tiresome to hear him constantly complain about what he feels is unfair treatment towards him from unidentified persons in the music industry, he spent too much time lamenting when he could have been performing.

He followed John Mohammed on stage but the third member of the Immigration Federation, Chowmein was not able to make it. Other notable performances were from Richie Rich and Yannick Hooper.

The NCF’s inclusion of a skit did lend some humor to the event but at times felt overdone. MC Darrio Prescod is articulate, but he really is not funny and I think his style leaned to the lull in the event. I applaud the NCF for creating opportunities for up and coming MCs but Darrio still has way to go.

Peter Ram was obviously who the audience was waiting for, another hometown boy he awakened the crowd with his performance which was cut after he brought out two dancers on stage. He said their performance would be different from all the others featured earlier in the night- and they were.

These two women, one slender and one plus sized (the latter whose dance included a split) quickly joined Peter Ram off stage after the MC made what seemed like an abrupt entrance on to the stage during their dance. He introduced the Energy Band, the backing band, which started to perform, forcing Peter Ram to ask if his set was over already.

Shortly after that, a fight broke out which scattered the crowd but it did not seem that the fight broke out in response to Ram’s early exit. A police officer was later seen carrying a single young man to the police outpost.

Some of the other performers include Kirk Brown and costumes from the Green Lizard Band.

As the final Cavalcade approaches we hope for a tighter show, with a funnier and more experienced MC and an event that will really kick start the 2013 season.

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