Big bucks for Apple I

bytemeapple1Seems like not everyone is willing to break the bank for the latest and greatest in technology. In fact, it turns out some are willing to smash it into little pieces for tech that is much older.

One unnamed buyer just paid $671,400 (that’s about 2,040 base model iPad Minis) for a single Apple 1 from 1976, and in case you were wondering; yes it still works. Auctioned through Cologne, Germany-based Auction Team Breker the price beats out its $640,000 record from another unit last November.

The very interesting thing about this particular Apple 1 is the owner paid around $40,000 for it privately, refurbished it back to working condition and had co-creator Steve Wozniak autograph the mother board. Although it doesn’t have the original enclosure it was still able to fetch the record breaking price. So hang on to those VCRs you never know what one may be worth in 50 years.

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