Bahamas police shoot robbery suspect

Cops on patrol.
Cops on patrol.

NASSAU — Several days after two men were shot dead on Kemp Road, residents of the area were sent scrambling again yesterday morning after gunfire erupted.

This time, police and an armed robbery suspect exchanged fire. Police said the suspect was shot in his legs.

The shootout happened just before a planned police walkabout in the area in response to the double murder on Whit Monday.

Superintendent Paul Rolle, who heads the Central Detective Unit, said the man shot by police yesterday was also wanted in connection with assault with a deadly weapon.

Rolle said police saw him and another man in the Williams Lane area around 10 a.m.

When the suspect saw police he took out a firearm and shot at the officers and ran, Rolle said.

He added that police returned fire.

Police then chased the man and found him on a dead end street where another exchange of gunfire happened, resulting in the man being shot multiple times in his legs.

He was transported to hospital and was listed in critical condition.

Rolle said police were looking for the other man who escaped.

Several residents accused the police of being too aggressive.

One resident, who only wished to be identified as “Precious”, said she was talking with the suspect right before police shot him.

“I didn’t even know when he moved off the porch,”‚she said.

“When I looked he went down by the house and when the police fired the first shot I said ‘Jesus Lord’, I started to scream, I said ‘he shot Maurice’.”

She claimed the police apologized to the residents, claiming they had shot the wrong man.

Rolle said whether it was a case of mistaken identity or not, the suspect shot at the police. (Nassau Guardian)

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