Barbados’ newest millionaire

Ralph Haynes lives in Memphis, Tennessee.
Ralph Haynes lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Barbados has a new multi-millionaire with liquid assets exceeding $7,320,000.

He is Ralph Haynes, who currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States, who gave his age as in “the early 50s”.

All it took him to achieve this status was a quick-pick lottery ticket bought at Carlton Supermarket on Black Rock, St. Michael.

When asked why he did not turn up earlier to collect his winnings, Haynes told Barbados TODAY he was trying to avoid the publicity associated with winning.

He said he had been playing Lotto for the past 15 years and places bets in any country he visits.

Haynes added that he was born in Westbury New Road, St. Michael, but grew up in Grazettes, before migrating to the US. The new millionaire said he was divorced, but the father of two boys and a girl.

When asked what were his plans for the money, Haynes gave the assurance that he would enjoy it.

Haynes is currently employed with an airline in the US and his responsibility entails ensuring that the weight and balance on aircraft are correct.

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