Tribute from the heart

Graydon Sealy honours former student Lil Rick

by Kimberley Cummins

Principal Matthew Farley presenting Lil Rick with his award.
Principal Matthew Farley presenting Lil Rick with his award.

Ricky Lil Rick Reid may like himself but so too do thousands of his fans.

Regardless of whichever name he goes by, Board Face, Ricky Minaj, De Ugly Dawg, Chihuahua Businessman, Hypa Dawg, as a past student of the Garrison Secondary, now the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, it can be assumed that many of his admirers also passed through the gates of that institution.

His contribution to the Barbados music scene as a disc jockey or with hits — including, ABC, Hard Wine, Bumpa Inspector, Don’t tell Me So, We Surviving, Down Behind De Truck, Dolla Wine, Can’t Yam Me Out, Guh Down, Ah Like Muhself, How De Youts Get So — is undisputed.

Over the years he has received accolades for some of his contributions but this afternoon he was surprised by what he described as the best award he ever received and one he will never forget — when the school’s first principal, Graydon Sealy, administration, alumni and present pupils all gathered in the Mannie Bowen Auditorium at the school to honour his more than 20 years in entertainment.

“It stands out because it comes from the heart,” the visibly stunned but excited Reid told the standing audience as he accepted his award from Principal Matthew Farley.

lilrickbackintheclassroomIn a quivering voice he added: “I have to go into a competition and fight and give my all to get something like this,” before he went on to further excite the crowd with snippets of his music, including the 2013 Party Monarch bound Behave Pun It.

Among those who spoke glowingly of the past Party Monarch king and the authentic “Bajan sytle” niche he created, was former teacher, Harold Ruck, Dr. Anthony Gabby Carter, Nathalee, Peter Coppin, Anthony Admiral Nelson and one–time classmate, Rodney Spooner, who recited one of the first dub chants Lil Rick wrote when he was in first form.

“I love Lucy, he love Kim. I love Ju–C, he love Bim,” and the audience erupted.

Farley then encouraged present students to use Reid as an example of where they could go and the contribution they were positioned to make.

“The Lil Rick story is regardless of where you come from …, whatever maybe your past it is you that carve out that niche by which you make your contribution. The story of this proud, outstanding and successful Garrisonian is the story of the tremendous impact that entertainers have on the populous… and the youth in particular.

“The story of Lil Rick … is the story of great potential that lays deep within our communities and which needs to be given vent an opportunity for growth and development. It is a story of the extent which the cultural industries need to be recognised for their contribution to the economy.

“The Lil Rick story is a stark reminder that schools need to do everything possible to develop creativity rather than kill it. It is the story of the need for teachers to acknowledge multiple intelligences among their students and foster the necessary environment for their development… they must develop all aspects of the growth of our students,” he said.

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