Children shall lead them

by Michron Robinson

Jaquan King
Jaquan King

Tomorrow morning, the congregation of the Government Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church will hear the word of God from two of the youngest members of the church.

Makaila Browne and Jaquan King, both 10 years old, will be preaching for the first time and both are excited, eager and humble to have been chosen to do so.

In separate interviews with Barbados TODAY the children spoke about their love for God and the battles they encountered as young Christians.

Both Makaila’s mother, Maxine Browne and Jaquan’s father Jason King, are proud of their progeny.

During the interview at her Pinelands, St. Michael home yesterday, Maxine said that the service was to celebrate the children for Child Month themed – Healthy Families A Brighter Future for Our Children and the children. She also said that the children, who were chosen by their Sabbath School teacher to deliver the sermon, had recited poems and done other things in the church before.

Pastor Glenworth Joseph, assisted the youngsters with the sermon, titled Children We Can Spread the Gospel.

Makaila Browne

Makaila who was baptised in the Christian faith three years ago, said she was moved to do so after hearing a message from a pastor who spoke with extreme conviction one Sabbath. She said she felt encouraged because there was something different about that sermon.

Walk is not easy

Her walk is not an easy one and she admitted that some people tell her being a Seventh Day Adventist is quite weird.

“They sometimes tell me that I believe in the wrong thing but once I believe the Bible and follow it, which I know is true, I know I am right. But then there are some who try to guide you the wrong way and you have to encourage them and tell them about God and the Bible,” she said.

On the issue of bullying, which she has never been faced with, Makaila said in some instances she would go to a trusted teacher and for the harsh comments by other children she would go to God.

What advice would the St. Lawrence Primary School student give to other children who would like to get into preaching?

“I would advise them to read their Bible often and to tell others about God by telling them about the beginning [of the Bible] and to know that they were not created by monkeys or any junk like that,” said the girl who would like to become a doctor, nurse, or farmer one day.

During his interview at Barbados TODAY’s Warrens, St. Michael offices this morning, Jaquan, who has hopes of becoming a mechanic one day, said that through his walk with God he hopes to inspire other children.

“There are some young people who curse and get on really bad. I do not do that and also my daddy and my mummy keep telling me I am not like people all around — I am special and I know some people who will ill treat others and do wrong things, they can see Christ through me by being a person who is loving and caring and I really want them to be like that also,” he said.

Jason said he was proud of his son because it was good to see young people pursuing positive acts because there is a negative light associated with them.

Asked if preaching was not too much for his son, he cited cases of child labour where young children were made to work adding that something with such positivity cannot be too much.

Jaquan, who is also a tennis, football, basketball, and video game lover said that he likes to share his faith with others. He wants them to know that not only adults are Christians and capable of preaching, but young people could do so as well.

The Class Four pupil of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School admitted that he sometimes got into trouble.

“I still behave bad and I am trying to loosen it up a bit. I am not saying that I am a perfect person because we live in a sinful world and I would do wrong things, wrong things that I know I can cut out,” he asserted.

A resident of Church View, New Castle, St. John, Jaquan said that he will be using special coaching techniques from his pastor during his sermon with Makaila tomorrow.

As they await their results from the Common Entrance Examination, Makaila said she wanted to go to the school God would allow her to go to while Jaquan said he wanted to go to The St. Michael School.

As both of them continue their Christian walk, they shared they would like to preach part time some day.


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