Cash-for-gold trader killed

KINGSTON — Residents of Pineapple have been trying hard to find a reason why someone would murder community member Dwayne Brown, a craft trader who also earned a living trading cash for gold.

Brown’s body was found at about 7 a.m. Wednesday with his throat slashed and hands bound behind the community centre in Buckfield, not far from his home in Pineapple, both here in St Ann.

The love for the well-known community resident was evident from the large number that gathered in the area when news of Borwn’s death began to spread early Wednesday morning.

His brother-in-law, who identified himself as Mark, said Brown was a very quiet person who was not one to get into a confrontation with persons.

“He is a everybody person [and was] non-violent. Me never hear of him and anybody in a any form a conflict or nothing like that,” his brother Otis Brown reported.

Residents in disbelief

Others who had gathered on the scene expressed disbelief at the murder, with some saying he was not one to get involved in illegal activities in the years they had known him.

However, others theorised that his death may have been linked to the cash-for-gold trade.

“It is a dangerous thing because the man them fight against each other,” one man said.

Brown, the father of an 11-year-old boy, was last seen alive just after 6:00 pm on Tuesday evening at a bar in Ocho Rios. Residents believe he may have been killed late Tuesday night after leaving the pub. (Observer)

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