Appeal to motorists

Rayside Construction is appealing for greater cooperation from motorists who drive along roads under repairs.

General Manager Roger Gill said today if they were unable to get the cooperation of drivers, his company would have to close the roads on which they were working.

Speaking during a tour of the East Point road upgrade in St. Philip this morning, Gill recalled that one of his employees was killed by a motorist while on the job along the ABC Highway, even though the appropriate signage was in place and the worker was wearing a reflective vest.

“We try to maintain the traffic flow, while doing the road work,” Gill said, “but if we can’t get the cooperation of the motorists, then we would request that we close the road and divert the traffic.”

He said his company did not want to do that because they were some roads which would create major chaos if they were shut.

“So we cooperate, but we want the cooperation of the motorists,” he pleaded, while noting that a lack of cooperation

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