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Foreday Mornin' Jam band "Taste of the Ages" to hit the road

cropoverpunderoadbandIt will be a special blend of music, friendship and rum on the road for the more than 500 revellers who wend their way through the City’s streets in the wee hours of August 3.

That is what founder and CEO of Frenz4Life Entertainment Network Dave Greaves is hoping when their Foreday Mornin’ Jam band, Taste of the Ages hits the road.

He told Barbados TODAY that although this is the third year the group will be bringing a band for Crop-Over, for him and the other members it was their mission to create a sense of unity and friendship.

“It’s not all about making money. It’s not about killing anybody. We want to make [the band] affordable to jump and unite people, We don’t want it to be case were you can jump but your friend can’t. We want people to be happy. We’ve had no problems so far and we’re trying our best to make people happy. This year is much bigger than the last two,” Greaves said.

The band, which was launched last weekend, is a tribute to Mount Gay Rum which was celebrating its 310th anniversary.

There are has four sections – Passao, Black Barrel, Silver Notes which is dedicated to Eclipse Silver and Project 1703. There are a limited number of frontline costumes as well.

He and two of the other band members are “Mount Gay men” (they work there) and he explained they did not approach their title sponsor for a huge sum of money instead they asked for the same amount as other bands.

Their rationale?

“I don’t want everything. I want other people to live. We’re showcasing Barbados and Mount Gay [during the Festival] and others have to have the same opportunity to showcase their bands.

Greaves explained that for the first time this year, their package includes a “100 per cent Bajan breakfast buffet style” so that their members who have to work after jumping will go with a full stomach.

To get more information on the group and the band, check our their Facebook page frenz4life-entertainment. The band house is located in My Lord’s Hill. (DS)

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