A costly ‘horn’

"Don't play a player!"

You want to see how some people does make you want to kill them? Watch this. I meet this girl, right, and she start running real sweet talk on me ’bout how good I look and how one of she friends say I nice and how she want to horn my woman.

De truth is, I din mind all de talk ’cause I aint plan to leave my woman for nobody because I got a real good woman. I know she was trying to play me, and all I did really want is [sex].

So we meet a few Saturday nights ago and went to the drive-in. I don’t have to tell you wha’ happen. I get wha’ I want, three times in one night, and she get wha’ she want — some money for clothes and a ticket for a fete at Kensington Oval.

I went in de snackett and buy food for both of us and I believe she see when I slide my wallet under my seat. When I get home not one cent was in de wallet, and I know I had at least $1,200 in it, including my pay for the week.

You know how hard I work for that money? And when I call this girl and tell she I want back my money at first she say she aint got it, but when I tell she it could only be she because it was there when I came out de snackett and put it under the seat, she stop denying.

When I tell she bring back my #@$^$#& money she tell me to call de police or my girlfriend. When I tell she I gine lick in she head if I don’t get back my money she let me know if I call she again she gine call my woman and play back de recording of we having sex. That she record everything ‘pon she cell.

So you see when a body turn up in a cart road it does be because of people like this girl. But let she keep de money because she gine pass my way again and I gine tek every cent outta she.

Angry Man

Since Yuh Asked, AM, I would suggest you just simply stay away from this girl. You were out to use each other, and unfortunately she got more from it than you did. Let it rest there.

I would also suggest that you take another look at your life, because if your girlfriend is as “good” as you say she is, she certainly does not deserve being cheated on. You need to respect her and be faithful.

I also believe that the reason you are not pursuing this woman with your money is because you know that if your girlfriend finds out about what you did she would leave you in a second. So be smart, keep quiet, repair the damage done to your relationship and stay away from young girls looking for fete money.

Maybe now you understand what is meant by “Don’t play a player!”

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  1. Samology May 25, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    A costly ‘horn’ http://t.co/6RGfb96z4N via @barbadostoday

  2. Del May 25, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    @BarbadosToday a dutty man who ain’t even deserve a gud woman!!


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