Pick of the pack

sportsgoingforgoalLawrence T. Gay registered two victories today as the Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Sports Council’s Primary Schools Netball Tournament continued at the National Stadium. They first defeated Grazettes Primary 4-2 with Shakeena Gilkes a perfect three goals from three attempts.

Rennika Prescod scored the other goal from four attempts. Serina Alleyne scored two goals from three attempts for Grazettes Primary.

Lawrence T. Gay then returned to beat St. Mary’s 5-2 with Prescod netting four goals from seven attempts and Alleyne one from six.

Rianna Eastmond scored both of St. Mary’s

goals from her two attempts. St. Mary’s would rebound to defeat Eagle Hall 12-0 in a game where the best shooting performance of the morning came from Tianna Rose who netted all eight of her attempts at goal. Eastmond scored the other four goals from five attempts.

In other matches at the Netball Stadium George Lamming defeated Westbury Primary 4-0; St. Mary’s beat George Lamming 5-1; Westbury beat Eagle Hall 3-0; Grazettes defeated Westbury 3-0; and George Lamming defeated Eagle Hall 8-0.

At the James Bryan Complex in more action today the results were: Ellerton Primary 4, St. Jude’s Primary 0; Cuthbert Moore 5, Ellerton 1; Cuthbert Moore 3, St. George Primary 0; St. Jude’s 0, Mount Tabor 0; St. George Primary 2, Mount Tabor 0; Mount Tabor 0, Workman’s Primary 0; St. George Primary 3, Workman’s Primary 0; Ellerton 5, St. Luke’s Brighton 0; Cuthbert Moore 9, St. Luke’s Brighton 0; Workman’s Primary 1, St. Luke’s Brighton 0.

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