Noel launches magazine

Sonia Noel
Sonia Noel

For close to 16 years Caribbean fashion designer Sonia Noel has been celebrating the Caribbean lifestyle through her creations.

This year she has widened that celebration with the launch of her new magazine Makin’ Style.

At the launch of Makin’ Style this morning in the restaurant of Regency Cove in Hastings, Christ Church she described it as a quarterly publication “with an edge, revealing interesting truths and catering to investigative minds which treats simple Caribbean realities with a refreshing honesty”.

Not only will it highlight the fashion and style of Caribbean people, both in the region and the Diaspora, but it will give readers an opportunity to experience the culture and cuisine of the region through culinary art, music, social graces and Caribbean icons known as well as up and coming. Contributors to the publication come from across the West Indies and the Diaspora and include Caribbean’s Next Top Model judge and Editor–in–Chief Richard Young, Sherry Dixon, Laura Cowrich–Phillips, David Duncan, Stella Ramsaroop, Kailash Bedi, Kirk Cambridge Delpeche, Donn Thompson, Gregory Singh, John Quelch, Philippa Morish and Russell Lancaster.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY, the self–professed “Caribbeanist” revealed that before the end of the year she planned to also branch out into radio and television to ensure people were aware of what the region had to offer.

“We as Caribbean people have to appreciate what we have and it is for those who are looking in, that is the only way they will really show us that respect,” she added.

“But if we have an apologetic tone about how we live and what we are, they are not going to. I remember

Michael Kors … sent his designers to the Caribbean for inspiration for one of his lines, so we have something special to offer the world… We are unique in our ways, we just need to believe it.”

The designer, who also recently launched her new line of clothing called First Resort, further said that though she experienced many challenges and sleepless nights during the journey, because she so deeply believed in the Caribbean aesthetic it was all worth it.

“Everything doesn’t come easy but when you love it you overcome the challenges,” Noel said. “I’ve been on a plane every day for the past eight days…; of course it is exhausting but it comes with the territory, it has to be done and certainly I am doing it.”

The magazine has already been launched in Guyana, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago and will this weekend be launched in Atlanta. In June during Caribbean Week it will be launched in New York and later in French Guyana, Suriname and Guadeloupe. (KC)

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