More venues needed

From left: Ramon Jordan, LIME’s Carolyn Williams- Gayle, MQI’s Pedro Callender, Elevate’s Mario Greene, and Signia’s Samantha Inniss chatting after the launch.
From left: Ramon Jordan, LIME’s Carolyn Williams- Gayle, MQI’s Pedro Callender, Elevate’s Mario Greene, and Signia’s Samantha Inniss chatting after the launch.

Barbados still needs venues that can accommodate events of a certain number of patrons.

Creative Consultant with Elevate, Mario Greene, said that they had tried about 10 venues for their upcoming June event, Seductive, before finding one that could be transformed in the way they wanted, for the upscale event they intend to host.

Greene, during a press briefing about the event this morning at Divi Southwinds, said that in addition to bringing a premium event targeting young professionals like lawyers, doctors, those in the financial sector, they were also hoping to target a segment of the tourism market as well.

He said they were already working with Divi Southwinds in offering a Staycation and were willing to work with any other locations or businesses that could either host premium upscale events, or partner with them in other ways as Lime, MQI and Signia Financial had done for Seductive.

“Any location that is in keeping with the kind of event we are looking to throw, we would definitely consider. This is a challenge many promoters will find in Barbados. Finding a location for us, was our biggest challenge.

“The Roof Deck at Limegrove which we started off with, had all the infrastructure in place and it had a certain perception in the Barbadian mind, so that was a good starting point. But then we decided really and truly the capacity can’t hold the number of people we are looking at. So let’s go search for other venues and we went through at least 10 venues before we came to the Sun Deck at Bagatelle,” he said.

When Elevate hosted its last event at Limegrove about two years ago, Greene said they attracted about 600 people and had to stop offering entry because of capacity.

This time they were looking to host about twice the number of patrons, and he said he realised that in Barbados a venue would be a challenge as they tried to bring more events to the fore.

“Any venue that has the facilities and the kind of quality that we are looking for in keeping with our brand name we are more than willing to work with, and I guess, if entertainment is to grow in Barbados and in particular this type of entertainment, we need to have some sort of symposium to make it easier for these entertainers to put on products like this in what is right now a very restrictive setting,” he said, indicating that cut off time was another hindrance.

Additionally, he said, some locations refused to host events they considered “fetes”, which even further limited available venues.

He said though that they were aiming to make Elevate a regional brand.

“Right now we are making contacts. We’ve identified Trinidad as a starting point in terms of regional outreach. That has probably the biggest market in the region for our type of product offering we believe and we already have the contact there. It is just a [matter] of getting mobilised on the ground and doing the ground work.

“These events actually take a lot of time to plan out and make sure you are doing it right. We don’t want to just go do an event because you can do an event. It is going to take at least six to nine months to really get mobilised and do the necessary planning that we do to make sure we have a top quality event.

“So basically we are still in the groundwork phase. We are making the contacts, scouting out venues and looking at potential ways that we can really reach out into their market and deliver a product that is of a similar quality to what we have here,” said Greene. (LB)

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