Memories of Metropolitan

oliviercoxI have just completed reading your article by Kimberley Cummins on the founder of Metropolitan High School, Olivier Cox and his outstanding service for over 61 years. It was an extremely well written article. I particularly liked the fact that it was an impartial look at the historical journey of the school. Your article brought back many memories for me.

I was accepted at Metropolitan High School back in 1982. I resided in the country side of Crab Hill, St. Lucy and travelling into the City on my own back then as an 11 year old was very intimidating and somewhat scary. Dealing with the City kids was difficult but the teachers and Mr. Cox were very assuring.

I am who I am today partly because of the great teachers and Mr. Cox. After dropping out of school in my last year, I found my way back and landed in America, now I am the Telecommunications Manager at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

It was Mr. Cox and the teachers who listen to us, who challenged us, and who encouraged us to stand up for our values. I have a deep appreciation for Metropolitan High School and the important work the teachers and principal put in to help the students. I’d like to thank Mr. Cox for his countless years, his inspiration, and his relentless commitment to the children.

Thank you again for such an informative and well written article.

— Bernadette Greaves-Baker

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