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smilingwoman“What’s your secret for looking so fine at 40?”

If I had a dollar every time I was asked this question, I would be a millionaire.

So, this week, I’ve decided to share my secret for looking as fabulous as I do as I approach my 41th trip around the Sun. First and foremost, I have to admit that my overall extraordinary form looks are 75 per cent genes. All of my family members, on both sides of my parents – including my parents – are in extremely fine form and you would probably never guess their ages if you didn’t know them personally. So, that’s the first factor of my secret – which can’t be reduplicated unless you’ve just got it in the genes! But even if you don’t, you can still look your best at any age.

Secondly, I actively ‘preach what I practice’ – meaning, I actually practice first and on a daily basis what I ‘preach’ to my clients and customers.

In creating The Afrikan Jade Practice, I actively and consciously dedicated myself to a daily routine, where I would do at least one practice. I dedicated myself to at least five minutes a day. In doing this, I always find quality time for myself. Hence, I am in alignment with what I believe in and this creates a harmony from within which balances and manifests externally. This, I would say, contributes to another 20 per cent to my appearance and magnetism.

I totally love to watch the Sun Rise (capitalised because I believe the event is worthy enough) every morning. I have practiced myself to this for so long that automatically, I rise with the Sun – even if I don’t get the opportunity to actually watch it rise above the horizon, I’m always in time to see the early morning glow through my window (and I never liked dark, heavy curtains in my bedroom for this purpose).

As the Sun rises, I feel a renewal of spirit and am injected with an energy that permeates throughout my entire body (somewhat orgasmically) that gives me the daily rush of endorphins I need to face and overcome any challenges with a smile and inner peace.

I have worked with colleagues who have ‘complained’ that I smile too much. Yet, I continue to smile. My smile comes from a peaceful space inside, to which I am always connected. This is my inner guidance from which I source and commune with my Higher Spiritual Being. It’s so personal a relationship, that I don’t need validation and/or from confirmation from and avoid arguments with anyone about its existence. It is there I go whenever I desire.

An orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away. Let me explain. Many think that an orgasm can only be experienced through sexual intercourse or some sexual act. This is not my belief. Orgasms are formed in the great gland in the brain, which connects to every area of the body. Hence, once you actively engage yourself in seeking and sensationally admiring the small (which actually create the greatest pleasures) in life, then you will have daily orgasms. It’s where you live sensually – using all five of your senses to experience and live life to the fullest. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be having uncontrollable convulsions at will in public places. Actually, you won’t. It’s a technique, once realised and developed, that has a calming effect.

I’ve released the need to judge others. I won’t say that I don’t judge at all, but by releasing the need to judge and categorise persons, I’m less likely to misjudge. Instead, I take the time (whatever time is available) to understand and get to know the person. With this information, I interact with persons on an individual basis without making comparisons and avoiding misconceptions.

I always aim to communicate effectively. By this, I mean that I find ways to get my message across as simply and clearly as possible – and honestly too. By speaking my mind and my truth, I create the harmony between my inner self and my outer world. This is the key to living authentically. What you see, is what you get. I keep it real when I’m alone and I keep it real when I’m in the company of others.

A major practice I’ve learned is the art of avoiding conflict. I have also been a solutions oriented person. I don’t believe in complaining about anything and avoid it at all costs. I’ve also embraced the practice of the key to getting things done, is knowing what to leave undone. I’ve also learned to be patient, as everyone progresses at different rates. I’ve also learned when it is time to move on, when a situation is no longer life- enhancing. I cultivate and maintain a positive attitude in everything that I do and don’t take things personally.

Recognising that there’ll always be ups and downs – the ebbs and flows of life – I’m not hard on myself if I falter along the wayside. This is another important practice I have embraced into my life. Hence, I gather all the energy I can during my high times, and use this some (not all) during my low times. I recognise that there are times to laugh and times to cry; times to speak and times to remain silent.

Through it all, I practice the art of breathing. Ensuring that I’m taking the time to breathe correctly and properly at all times. In an earlier article, I explained in detail the three practices of yoni, ovary and kidney breathing. I recognise that breathing sustains my life. Hence, I breathe in positivity in the forms of love, kindness, compassion, etc. and breathe out negativity in forms of malice, disharmony, conflict etc.

I love unconditionally – remembering that it is my duty to love all, even those who try to harm or injure me.

To mention all that I do would require me to write a book – which I envision accomplishing in the near future. So, for now, these are some of the practices I embrace into my lifestyle, which I’m positive have contributed to my outer shine – which emanates from within. And, of course, exercise and a balanced, wholesome diet also play an integral part in the equation.

All these practices I incorporate into my practice as a Sensual Empowerment Coach. For more information about my services and products, please go to the website at www.wavesofblissbarbados.com.

I would also love to hear your comments and how the articles have influenced you in any way, by sending an email to info@wavesofblissbarbados.com

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