Husbands: Closer working relationship needed

The role of the Ministry of Education is not to disrupt private schooling but to learn from and offer assistance in any way possible to such institutions, says Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Senator Harry Husbands.

He told the media after touring the St. Ursula’s School in Collymore Rock, St. Michael that the cost of providing education was becoming a challenge to school as well as private and public establishments on a whole. Husbands, who was accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Education, toured the school’s classrooms where he met students from Infants to Fifth form, the hall, chapel, laboratories and took a look at the swimming pool. The senator noted that most of the private institutions were heavily supported by alumni, parent teacher associations as well as supportive parents.

Husbands said what came out of this visit as well as those to the other schools is that there should be a closer working relationship between the Ministry of Education and the private education sector over the coming months and years. If that happens they would achieve the objective for those visits. In terms of finances associated with the bursaries allocated to private schools, Husbands said: “The bursary has maintained the $125 per term and it is a continuing issue which would be dealt with but there are several ways that the Government assists with private education through the subventions and trained teachers in private institutions being paid by the Government and I expect that these would continue.”

Husbands however declined to comment on whether the amount of money allocated to the bursaries would be increased. (MR)

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