Focussed on being the best

tpetharryhusbandsatconventThe students of St. Ursula’s School are always being encouraged to be the best they can be.

Administrator of the St. Angela’s Junior school and St. Ursula’s, Susan Chinnery told the media after a tour of the Collymore Rock, St. Michael school this morning that her students were not limited by examinations like those of other schools.

She also said there were many programmes ensuring that the students were taught how to be their best, including the “finishing touches programme” for those in the secondary school.

That programme, said Chinnery, was unique to the school and had three components. The first component is designed to teach the youngsters proper study habits, how to behave on social networking sites, how to conduct themselves during interviews and how to dress for the correct occasion as well as career planning.

The second component, called My Rights and Responsibilities as a Citizen, includes information on national insurance and the rules of a citizen in making a country what it can be. The final component teaches the students about their moral responsibilities.

The administrator said that there was also an accelerated examination programme where first form students are allowed to sit CXC examinations.

Chinnery stated their focus was more about individual children having their needs met, having fun and not so much on examinations all the time.

“The ministry has a heart because there are children who have their full school fees paid through the bursary system as a result of the need, and I like the idea of that need being addressed. [W]e are very appreciative of the ministry helping these students and their parents,” she said.

Principal of St. Angela’s, Kim Sommerville, said that the school was not in support of corporal punishment.

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