Feels good to be sore

by Latoya Burnham

One more set!
One more set!

I’m sore, stiff, but feeling accomplished. The Ultimate Fitness 8-Week Challenge of Body by Kirk and Lifestyle Body Solutions has not yet begun, but I spent part of this week getting familiar with the gym and the exercises.

Actually, I’ve spent two mornings so far in the Barrows, St. Lucy-based gym, being tutored by Kirk, and already I have a fitness partner, Kathy. On day one we went through a series of exercises including shoulder press, chin ups, calf raises, leg curls, leg press to name a few. It was an intensive 35 minutes and by the end I was a little woozy.

Note to self – do not exercise without eating something at least 30 minutes before. That’s what both Kirk and Sophia advised me going forward. Usually I’d get up in the morning about 5:30 and go for a walk for an hour, sometimes adding in a light jog. I’m used to getting up, drinking a little water and hitting the road. Not so when you’re actually lifting weights.

My exercise partner couldn’t make the following day, so we settled on returning this morning. Throughout yesterday my arms ached. My legs, not so much because I’m used to using them often. My arms however, that was another story.

In my previous experience with weight training, my arms had swollen to twice their size and I was bedridden for two days. Kirk was determined that this would not happen to me in his gym. So this morning was some stretching out those arms and some exercises to help loosen the stiffness both Kathy and I were complaining of. We did close grip bench press, underhand grip, high pulls/V pulls and by the end the arms were feeling a bit better.

But that was not enough for Kirk, after some leg work and cardio, he then mixed us both a drink and explained about the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles that led to our aches and swellings. He then suggested some things to use, like tomato juice (go figure) or B1 that can help to release that acid and return us to normal faster.

But what’s gain without the pain, huh? Impossible. So I don’t fret about the aches – it tells me I am working my too-long, inactive muscles. What I love is that they check in with me often to make sure I’m ok and ask how I feel and make suggestions. I now have a meal plan, which Sophia provided, but I’ve warned them I will probably be hungry often. Kirk told me however, if I stick to it I would see the results I wanted. So I’m gonna try my darnedest to adhere and report to you.

Therefore, goodbye (*tear*) chocolates and potato chips!


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