Displaying our beauty

From reviewing my forecast, some parts of the summer months are looking lower than I anticipated. This week I decided to head to the UK to speak directly with some of my business partners to get a first-hand opinion of what is happening in this market. When business is down, I believe that there are two choices, do something about it or hope for it to return, I prefer to try.

There is no doubt that the British economy is still under great pressure and people are worried about their jobs and their future. The news is consumed by politics and people are demanding answers from their leaders. No one seems to have the answer, but everyone believes that it is the job of someone else to come up with it.

Then there is the other side. People generally want to get on with enjoying their lives. The first three days of the Test match between England and New Zealand, were completely sold out and once England had victory in sight, selling day four was not that difficult either.

The Chelsea Flower Show, now in its 100th year was another way for the British people to get out and enjoy themselves. For all of the years I have heard of this fantastic show, it was the first time that I experienced it firsthand. There is no doubt that Barbados is a beautiful country, but to see our display among some of the best in the world was a joy. Our display was awarded a Silver-Gilt, which is the envy of many larger displays on show.

In a couple of years, Barbados will host the World Flower Show. My thought is how can we use our World Heritage status to achieve a proportionate turnout of visitors for the show in Barbados.

* Tourism is our business, let us play our part.

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