Bahamians battle bad weather

Flooded street in the central Bahamas.
Flooded street in the central Bahamas.

Meteorologists were warning Bahamians to be vigilant today as a moist and unstable air mass combined with an upper level trough continues to move through the central Bahamas, creating severe weather activity on New Providence.

The unstable weather triggered widespread scattered showers, severe thunderstorms, strong gusts, dangerous lightning, water spouts and possible tornadic activity, Gregory Thompson, forecaster at the Department of Meteorology, said.

He added that the weather system is expected to move on by the end of the day.

“Residents and boaters in the north west and central Bahamas should remain alert for the possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms and should be quick to take action to protect life and property should any warnings be issued,” he said.

Thompson further noted that the Department of Meteorology received reports of funnel clouds being sighted in the Gladstone Road area.

There were also reports of widespread flooding in parts of New Providence. (Nassau Guardian)

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