Reaping rewards

sankofaafricanawarenessdayloomsSankofa III the Afrikan Heritage Festival hosted by Our Afrikan Heritage magazine last Sunday was a resounding success.

Although rain and a postponement affected numbers, the turnout was great all things considered.

Sankofa was blessed with the presence of a brother and two sisters from the continent. One of the sisters was from Ethiopia, her name, Tsedal Tsedi Tesfahun. A DJ second to none, she had SANKOFA moving with her infectious beats of mother Afrika. Brother Blade Deep of South Afrika warmed Sankofa with his Afro House beats.

Sankofa was blessed also with the Zulu Queen Thobekile Bridget Mbanda who brought to us a message and an energy that lifted Sankofa to another level. Traditional Afrikan weaving was a hit as many tried their hand at it. The youths had a field day as they jumped, skipped, hula hooped and danced. Tribal face painting brought another lift to this day of celebration with the various crafts, literature and clothing displayed.

The evening cultural show saw performances from the Haynesville Youth Club, Adrian Green, Inity Fire, Albert Olton and band and numerous reggae artist.

At the close of Sankofa brothers from in the area asked if Sankofa would be back next year or before. For the team at OAH that is what made SANKOFA III the resounding success it was. Our Afrikan Heritage magazine is here to help reinstall Afrikan pride in our heritage and culture. Having these young men and women call for more celebrations of Our Afrikan Heritage is more than encouraging. Our destiny is ours to create.

OAH magazine would like to thank the Commission for Pan African Affairs, the National Cultural Foundation, Fashion Nation, the Liberty Store, Ryan Holder, Carol Brathwaite – Rock and the whole Sankofa Team.

Thank You and see you next year for SANKOFA 4.

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